Did you know that Heavy Leather NYC is made in the USA and is a one-woman show!

That one woman is ME! Rachael Becker

The 'we' you read in posts is me acknowledging all of my former/current/future employees, interns, and outsourced talent that have helped grow this business. It takes a mighty crew of people to develop such a rad brand.

A brand that is coveted by artists worldwide. Musicians who fully endorsed/came to us for gear include PRINCE, BLACK SABBATH, LEMMY/MOTORHEAD, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, & many more. 

I make sure to use the best quality leather and hardware I can find, and inspect every product before it ships. All of my heart and love for the craft goes into each piece; nothing leaves the shop unless it is built to perfection. 

I keep the production footprint as small as possible with little waste and little travel.

Most of Heavy Leather NYC products are made in-house. The larger production is made by a small family-run factory down the street from the studio. It's a father, mother, son, grandfather and 2 dog team.

Thank you so very much for coming to Heavy Leather NYC for your gear and for supporting this small business. I, we are forever grateful.