How long will it take for my order to ship?

Order ship time varies depending on the size of the order and the style. We hand make all product in house, per order. Usually it takes a week to ship 1-2 straps, the ‘Celebrity’ straps can take up to 2 weeks to ship

How long will it take to ship my custom order?

Custom orders vary on ship time. It can take a week or a month depending on the styling. Make sure to ask about lead time when purchasing.

I’d like a custom order for a leather item that is not a guitar or camera strap, is that possible?

Yes, we’ve customized chaps, made gig and stick bags, upholstered chairs and motorcycle seats and done props for plays and television.

What is the difference between suede backing and leather backing?

Suede is brushed so when used on the underside of our straps it will hold the guitar more securely in place while playing. Leather backing is smooth and will allow you to move the guitar around easily.

How can I purchase a gift certificate?

We have gift certificates available, contact us. Gift certificates must be used within one year of purchasing. If the receiver wants to purchase a strap that requires additional payment, that is not a

The adjusters on my Classic Camera strap are wearing down. Can you replace them?

Yes, we replace the adjusters for free.

I want strap lock holes punched on my guitar strap, is that possible?

Yes, please send us a note in your PayPal order or email us when purchasing.

I want a custom size for my strap, is that possible?

Yes, email us before ordering so we can adjust the price accordingly.

I received my strap and wore it once but realized I ordered the wrong size. Can I return it for a different one?

No, we do not accept returns on used straps.

I want to return/exchange my strap.

We accept returns/exchanges within 14 days but the return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

I’m not sure whether to get the Slingshot Camera Strap or Classic Camera Strap. I use a DSLR with heavy lenses.

Go for the Slingshot Strap, the Classic Strap is meant for lighter weight cameras and the adjuster pieces will wear out over time holding heavy weight. We can also work on a customized Classic Camera Strap if you need it to hold more weight.

I want to purchase the Slingshot Camera strap but I’m worried the camera will come undone from the tripod mount screw.

We will have separate ‘leashes’ coming out soon that you can purchase off the Heavy Leather NYC website. The current tripod screws have a rubber washer and are very secure but it’s recommended to make sure it’s tightened with every use..

I own/run a retail store and would like to sell your straps.

Contact us and we will send you a wholesale catalog.

You make straps for my favorite artist, can you get me an autograph?


Can you include a letter of authenticity with the strap?

Yes we can, upon special request.

I’d like to be featured in your Spotlight page and promote my band, how can I submit my info?

Contact us, we’d love to feature all artists who wear our leather.

I am a touring artist and want an endorsement.

Contact us and we will review. We do not give out endorsements to many artists, we are a small company and can not afford to do so!