Heavy Leather NYC at NAMM 2018: Part 1

NAMM is the USA’s largest music industry trade show taking place annually in Anaheim, CA. As Heavy Leather NYC’s fearless leader I go to schmooze, check out new gear, build new business… and party.

The event showcases the industry’s newest instruments, gadgets and accessories. There’s always a ton of killer musicians who play during the show and after hours. You can usually find one or more of your favorite artists browsing the show or signing autographs at a booth. A few highlights from this year:

I met with Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath to review designs for his second signature Heavy Leather NYC vegan guitar strap. He approved our prototype, signed a few straps and was promptly whipped away to another signing. We took a quick video but it was so insanely loud in there. I’m working to clear the sound up for your ears. Once we get the new strap out I’ll be hosting a ton of giveaways and promotions. And I’ll get a good video for ya.

On Friday I met up with Rex Brown of Pantera at the Prestige Guitars booth. He requested custom Rocka Rolla Straps just days before the show and we got the rush job finished and hand delivered right before his Prestige signing. Lookin’ forward to seeing these straps on stage with Rex and also to working with Prestige Guitars on a future strap collaboration.

Next up, Doyle! I met with him a minute before his signing with Rock ‘n’ Roll Industries Magazine. We discussed his second signature vegan guitar strap which will be available to y’all soon. He’s on tour now with the Misfits, make sure to catch him wearing his Heavy Leather NYC vegan straps at the east coast show. He’s got a ton of new Abomination tour dates listed, see you at the L.A. show in March.

Ran into David Vincent of Morbid Angel – now playing with The Head Cat. He rocks the black Lemmy strap. A cool tribute.

Off now, more to come in the next post: NAMM part 2! Check it out, I’ll be including a special sale at the end of the post.


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