Leather, Motorcycles and Rock ‘n’ Roll Texas

This past weekend I left NYC (orders on hold!) to attend the wedding of my good friend Danny B. Harvey and the beautiful Annie Marie Lewis. Danny is the kind of loyal, good natured, down to earth guy you don’t find very often in rock stars. And he’s a killer bluesy rock ‘n’ roll guitar player, formerly of the Rockats and currently playing with The Headcat (Lemmy/Motorhead sings, Slim Jim Phantom on bass) and The 69 Cats (Jyrki69 sings).

The vows took place in the outdoor backyard of a bar, the most low key but stylin’ ceremony I’ve seen yet. Aside from the crowd, which was made up of a dozen rock stars and family, including Clem Burke (Blondie), BP Fallon, and the bride herself, Annie Marie Lewis, is the niece of the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.

The reception took place at a rock n roll honky tonk venue where Danny, Annie and Annie’s mother sang and played guitar until late into the night. I blazed through drinks and spilled onto the dance floor, learned to 2 step from a local Texan. At that hour, the most talent I had was a sloppy NY 3 step. By the end of the night I was dancing my way to the taco truck, leaving a great taste for the rest of the trip.

I discovered the GiddyUp chopper show was going on that Saturday and I had a couple of friends drive me out to the event which was about an hour from Austin. We pulled up to the show mid-day and the lot was already packed with bikes, booze, loud guitars and louder engines. We were sweaty and thirsty and made rounds talkin’ to vendors and checking out the bikes. I got to hang with a few friends who’d traveled from various states to attend/vend at the show, including Twiggy of Halona Glass, Bryan of Witness Company, Rachil of Lowlife Knives.

I picked up some of their jewelry along with new panther tail lights, 2 of which rattled off my bike while riding last summer (I’m determined to make them work). We drove the long route back to Austin, through winding country roads, including one named Purgatory road which I’m set on riding a bike through next visit.

The rest of the trip was a journey through bars, food trucks and backyard barbecues, making all sorts of new friends along the way and taking a quick break to practice my Van Halen jump kicks off the diving board at Barton Springs. Can’t wait to make it back to Texas!

Oh and here’s a puppy photo, my traveling partner for the weekend. Annabel nugget.

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