Geezer! I can not describe how excited I get when I look through the latest edition of Guitar World magazine. I’ve been making straps for both Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler for a couple of years now but it is always an adrenaline rush when I see them wearing the gear. Geezer is a vegan and wears his Heavy Leather NYC custom faux leather straps exclusively. On a side note, he’s vegan but says it’s due to medically prescribed dietary restrictions he had as a kid which he continues to follow today.


HANGIN’ with GEEZER: I’m sure this is the part you all really want to hear about, what goes on behind, around and under the stage and I’ve only got one story to tell. I’ve been backstage for Sabbath a bunch of times but only got to hang out with Geezer once. I was invited after his show to have drinks at his hotel in Manhattan. We hung out in the courtyard bar and I drank a ton of whiskey but I’m pretty sure he drank more. I honestly don’t remember our conversation (thanks, alcohol) but I recall Geezer was a totally down to earth, cool guy. Easy to talk to and party with. Nothing too crazy in this post, at the end of the night Geezer’s nephew pleaded for him to go to bed, which Geezer ignored and ordered more rounds. Good times!


We are in the works to produce his signature strap which will be available in 2015. It truly is an honor to work with the legendary Black Sabbath, so much more coming soon!

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