Skinny Leather Sling Camera Strap


  • Description

    The Skinny Leather Sling Camera Strap is beautifully crafted using Italian cowhide leather. This strap is built with top quality hardware, guaranteed to keep your camera safe. Nylon webbing at the bottom allows the camera ease of movement. This strap is meant to be worn cross-body and can withstand the heaviest wear and tear. It will provide maximum support for your every day and heavier DSLR cameras. Made in the U.S.A.

    • Top and bottom leather: 2/3 oz cowhide
    • Strap 2″ wide
    • Adjustable length 43-64.5″
    • Side binding for maximum comfort
    • Aluminum side release buckle
    • Steel metal heavy spring tactical snap
    • Tripod mount screw with rubber washer

    *Please note that the tripod mount screw should be checked and tightened if needed with each use. The clip provides an alternate side lug attachment method. We care about the safety of your camera so please remember that maintenance is essential!

  • Additional information

    Black, Brown

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